Friday, February 20, 2009

"Ghost Dance"

My next project called "Ghost Dance". This mixed media painting is going to be transforming to tapestry. It has a very personal meaning of breaking the fearful emotion to ghosts and finding to the cheerful spirits of theirs.
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Thursday, February 19, 2009

My new see-through mask

I finally I can weave and breath! Thanks to my dear dentist Ben who order for me this see-through mask...

Work in progress...

It is a little bit unusual (recently) for me to weave a picturesque tapestry. Although the cartoon behind the warp is somewhat realistic, I am not weaving a detailed picture ... I want to finish with a simple and somewhat rough tapestry... after all,  it is an old time image (1981). It represents me breast-feeding my daughter Weronika and the tapestry is supposed to be a wedding gift for her. She was married in December 2008. The cartoon was ready two years ago when she was engaged, but due to my allergies I had a hard time to begin. Now I am finally weaving it slowly, wearing a mask on my face and inhaling many antihistamine puffs...

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Connections... "Magic Tapestry Network"

I made this piece for the American Tapestry Alliance's contest with the theme "Connections". Although my tapestry was not chosen for the show, I do not feel sad because I love my tapestry very much and I would never make it if the "connection" subject would not intrigue me. While I was weaving this tapestry, I was thinking about all the weavers who belong like me to the same circle - Tapestry creators.

We all share this wonderful passion
Revealing our happiness
And pain of creating,
We exchange ideas and knowledge
Of this beautiful medium….
We fill up empty space with threads
Weaving the enchantment or the ordinary
We expand this same web
That is Magic Tapestry Network.
..........This piece is dedicated to all of you remarkable weavers.

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